Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wet and Dry

Just back from four days, husband and wife alone, in the wild and wonderful, silent and serene, relaxing and rejuvenating mountains of West Virginia. While there in a friends' ski chalet (Windlanding) of the Timberline Resort in Canaan Valley, it rained gently and generously. While Carol caught up on some much needed sleep, Emil went out early in a morning and became part of a rain fall and the first of the Fall colors in the wooded surround.

Prayer was his conditioned inclination, and a creative expression of what he was experiencing appeared as a poem in his journal. The first half of Emil's poem is shared with you below the photograph his much loved wife took on some previous nature joint expedition.

Rain and wind - play a tune - on the leaves.

It's a dirge - that tells how - my heart grieves.

So much time - have I spent - on what's wrong.

Now the woods - that are wet - sing my song.

Rain drops fall - just like tears - I have cried.

Gust of wind - are the sads - I have sighed.

But there's hope - that smells sweet - in the air.

Fresh and clean - in my life - is my prayer.

When he got back to the chalet and shared coffee with his wife, he picked up her guitar and rendered the poem to music. Emil and his guitar-talented friend, Kevin, hope to recored this new song at Bias Studios in Springfield, Virginia. Perhaps in a year or so it will appear as a track on their second joint CD of original inspirational music. Their first CD project, "Come Into the Presence", is in production now and will be released some time in September.


  1. jezersky13@verizon.netSeptember 10, 2009 at 5:05 PM

    I can feel the rain and the emotion that went with it. Very nice, my friend.

  2. Hey, JE, thanks for the comment. I am eager for you to hear the recording of the song. It came out rather well. Carol really likes it!