Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting Closer

Here's a poem I wrote that seems appropo to share on this first day of my blogging. Entitled, "Getting Closer", it speaks quietly of yet another step along my path of life as I begin embracing the blog experience. Perhaps it will speak to you as well.

The wheel of my life
goes round and round,
repeating the patterns
originally found.
In all of this sameness
a difference is showing,
as my soul emerges
towards God in a growing.

I actually published this poem.
It appears on page 31 of my book,
"Poems to Develop Contemplative Prayer".

If you'd like to dialog on this poem, so would I.

If you are interested in the book itself,
I could get a copy to you.

Whatever the case,
may your life journey continue getting closer
to the who you really are.


  1. Now we're talking!

    What patterns do you see repeating themselves as the blog world opens up to you? Does it seem similar to something you've done before?

  2. Incisive question, Liz. The familiarity dimension is the excitement of starting something new, with great promise sitting on the horizon. But experience has taught me that there are two accompanying assistants that need to support me on either side; much the way Moses needed help in the Israelite battle with Amalek at Rephidim (Exodus 17.8-13). Aaron and Hur each supported an arm of Moses to be raised and held out so that Israel may be victorious in the battle. So it is for me. The two assistants in this case are (the left arm) learning to use the tools effectively and (the right arm) sustaining the effort.