Monday, August 17, 2009

Being Stirred by God

I was just reading a friend's fun blog (see Liz, one of my followers) and rather much enjoyed her series of photograph-accompanied haiku poems. This prompts me to render a haiku on my site today for you. It is only right that this one attempt to express the theme of my blog.
Haiku poetry
is one way to express one's
being stirred by God.

The Holy Spirit, as far as I can determine from talking with other folks on the journey, stirs each of us in a rather unique manner. My experience tends to be multi-dimensional. There is a physical sensation in the chest cavity along with a kind of emptying of thought patterns and an easy emergence of creativity that is other-oriented in love. Perhaps you would be willing to attempt to describe your own (undescribable) being stirred by God. I hope so anyway.


  1. My Deacon, Emil,
    Loves unconditionally --
    A prayer rock star!

  2. Being stirred by God
    can pull me out of my head
    and into my heart.

  3. When a friend takes time
    to dialog in haiku,
    two souls become one.

  4. I am not as good
    At sharing thoughts from my soul
    As the two of you.

  5. Wonderful!

    I think I might cry... all this starting from Liz becoming hooked on my weekly haiku meme! Thanks for sending me the link, Liz!

    You're all invited to participate - I would love to have you join us.

  6. Deacon Emil - your haiku stirs my soul! Can I use it on my blog? With credit, naturally...

  7. Yes, use what of mine
    may be helpful in your blog.
    That would delight me.

  8. Lovely Haiku Deacon Emil, I'm really enjoying the Haiku it's great fun and can express so many things.

  9. Haiku is great fun
    as you put into this form
    a concept within.