Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Flutter By Meditation

Wandering broadly, weaving
left and right, willowing
up and down; all ways wondering.

Pausing narrowly, piloting
in an out, pulsating
back and forth; on the way pondering.

Finally, at least for a green moment
the spiral of wandering to wondering
the growth of pausing to pondering
discovers the straight and narrow Way.

Perhaps there is something to learn
from the transient leafed butterfly.

+ + +

This photo was taken by my precious wife during a visit to
the Virginia Beach Aquarium, an engaging experience.

+ + +

With each new blog posting will now come a different
"Being Stirred by God" quotation from a variety of sources.
Here's the first:
"as leaves stirred by wind whisper softly outside"
from a poem by Megan McKenna in her collection,
Dancing with Angels (Continuum, 1998, page 90).

+ + +

May you find your way to the Way
who is the Christ.

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